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We believe that anyone can change. We base our approach on awareness, responsibility and choice, or ARC, and by following these three principles, people can transform their life at any stage. It is never too late to change, and we have seen many leopards change their spots.


Awareness is the key. Awareness means that you are not only conscious of things, situations and people, but you are also conscious of being conscious. This allows the space to ask: “What is really going on?”

This is awareness



At Heroes we believe your life is a story written by you to help you understand the world in which you find yourself. That’s great news. Because it means that you have the power within you to change the next chapter in your story. However, to do this you have to accept one hundred percent responsibility for your experience one hundred percent of the time. That means your thoughts, feelings, attitudes and ultimately your beliefs.

This is responsibility



People are not their behaviour. Behaviour stems from what someone is thinking and feeling, and at its core is a person’s belief about themselves and the world. This becomes their ‘life story’.

The realisation they are acting out a set of beliefs that comprise their life story, for the most part in an unquestioned and unconscious way, allows a person to change their approach and to choose a different story, one which has not yet been written.

This is choice


 and so...


Although the ideas are often deceptively simple, we can’t promise it will always be easy. You will question decisions you have made, explore emotions you may have kept hidden and reassess your core values, but we will equip you with the ability to transform negative patterns in your life into ones that are positive and constructive.




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Blueprint Programmes

We are pleased to announce that until further notice our courses will be running for free.

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Mental Health Awareness

Our New Online Wellbeing and Mental Health Units are now available 


Mental Health & Wellbeing Awareness for Front Line Support Professionals £25


Understanding Mental Health & Wellbeing Awareness for Front Line Support £55


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Blueprint offers 2 programmes for professionals wishing to work with or work more effectively with men or women, who are living with, or have lived with, abuse from their partner.  You may be a professional who works with families, you may be working in a supportive role with an individual within a family and want to develop more awareness on how to engage men or women  to address their own personal issues. 


Blueprint also offers 2 programmes for individual men and women who want to become more aware of their situation and develop tools and techniques to help themselves and move on if they wish to after living with abuse from current or past partner.


These programmes can be used together in a supported environment between a professional and an individual if they wish to do so, to support each other and encourage open communication and learning from both sides on impact on living with abuse and how professionals can support you in your choices and become more aware of what help and support is available.


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