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Over the last 10 years myself, Tammi Owen and my colleague, Max Chadwick have worked extensively developing services for men and women living with abuse.

Working with professionals, we were often asked about our work and how we have managed, over the years, to run successful groups for men and women living with abuse or displaying abusive behaviours.

So, Max and I have spent the last 12 months, after a scoping exercise with individuals, practitioners and commissioners, taking all their knowledge and expertise and developing programmes that answer the two questions often asked of us by practitioners:

  1. How do you manage to support and engage men and women living with abuse?
  2. How do you retain and/or support the rehabilitation of men and women living with abuse?

Blueprint programmes are an accumulation of tried and tested modules used by Max and myself, whilst working with men and women living with abuse and hints and tips for professionals who wish to support men and women.

The professional development units develop self-awareness, confidence working with abuse and equip professionals with awareness of best practice resources to help with engagement and open up honest conversations between professionals and the people they work with.

Domestic abuse statistics show instances of abuse have rocketed over the last two years as reported by BBC news among others

  • 48% rise of recorded domestic abuse cases in South Wales**
  • 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will be affected in their lifetime
  • 23% increase within the Dyfed-Powys, Gwent and North Wales Police areas.

We issued a survey on LinkedIn asking professionals working in domestic abuse to tell us their knowledge on male victims, feedback included:-

  • 56% of professionals surveyed didn’t know that 1 in 6 men has suffered from partner abuse.
  • 58% of professionals surveyed didn’t know that only 10% of male victims will tell the police, only 23% will tell a person in an official position and only 11% will tell a health professional.
  • 21% surveyed are not confident, 67% are fairly confident, 12% are confident working and engaging men who are victims of domestic abuse.
  • 22% surveyed are not confident, 65% are fairly confident, 13% are confident that they work effectively to help men living with abuse.
  • 83% of professionals working in domestic abuse wanted help to engage male victims.

**South Wales Police – saw a 48% rise in recorded offences from 2012-13 (6,339) to 2014-15 (9,396).

Heroes training provide:

  • Separate victim services for men or women living with abuse.
  • Group sessions with Heroes owned & licensed, evaluated tried and tested materials in Barry and Vale of Glamorgan for men or women living with abuse or displaying abusive behaviours.
  • One to one sessions for couples who are living with abuse using the New Zealand model of either staying together safely or breaking apart amicably.
  • We take referrals from Social Services, FACT, Flying Start, IFST, Probation, Police, Housing, Health, multi-agency, 3rd Sector and individuals who want help and support.
  • Workshops to professionals to inform and share best practice of working with men and women living with abuse and displaying abusive behaviours.
  • Online awareness learning via the Brightlink Learning website for male or female victims.
  • Online awareness learning via the Brightlink Learning website for professionals working with men or women living with abuse. These units come with 20 CPD points of hours per successful completion.
  • Blended learning with workshops or one to ones which refer to materials for reading via the Brightlink Learning website.

What will I learn from a Heroes training programmes?

  1. For Men and Women Living with Abuse
  • Men and women living with abuse can be more self-aware about their situation.
  • To be more informed on how and why they make decisions.
  • How they can make changes to be/feel safe and live fear free and who they can contact for support.
  • To be able to resolve possible conflict when dealing with current or past partners over issues such as child contact.
  • To learn with others in groups about ‘normalising’ and ‘their truth’ and ‘their reality’ when living with abuse.
  • For victims living with abuse who are remote in the Vale access to support via on line programmes.
  • To be able to move on after living with abuse.
  • To access help and support.
  1. For Professionals
  • Working with men or women living with abuse to feel more confident about making informed decisions with cases and risk management.
  • Professionals to feel able to support and engage men and women living with abuse.
  • Self-awareness for professionals who may have been affected themselves.

As reported in latest statistics 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men will be affected in their lifetime. Without awareness of their own situation this could lead to professionals experiencing ‘burn out’, long term sickness or can present itself as assumptions or bias when working with the victims of abuse.




Coming Soon

Our New Online Wellbeing and Mental Health Units will be available by the end of April 2019.


Awareness and self care - £25


Managing your wellbeing and Self Care £55


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Blueprint offers 2 programmes for professionals wishing to work with or work more effectively with men or women, who are living with, or have lived with, abuse from their partner.  You may be a professional who works with families, you may be working in a supportive role with an individual within a family and want to develop more awareness on how to engage men or women  to address their own personal issues. 


Blueprint also offers 2 programmes for individual men and women who want to become more aware of their situation and develop tools and techniques to help themselves and move on if they wish to after living with abuse from current or past partner.


These programmes can be used together in a supported environment between a professional and an individual if they wish to do so, to support each other and encourage open communication and learning from both sides on impact on living with abuse and how professionals can support you in your choices and become more aware of what help and support is available.


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