Tammi Owen

Below are some client testomonials:

'When I first went to Tammi for help, I told her I was broken and needed her to fix me that I am self aware I just need help to stop crying. 'After working with Tammi for a while she made me realise I wasn't as self aware as I thought and I hadn't dealt with a lot of things that I thought I had.'

'Tammi didn't fix me, she did more than that, she gave me the tools and support to enable me to fix myself.' 

'Tammi made me realise I wasn't broken and everyone needs help occassionally. Thanks to Tammi my 'melt downs,' as I call them, happen less often and I am able to deal with things that are thrown my way more easily.'

'Without Tammi I am not sure I would have come out the other side'

Tammi is a qualified counsellor and supervisor and is available to offer the following :-

Individual counselling :-

* trauma 
* domestic abuse recovery 
* anxiety
* habits and behaviours 
* wellbeing and happiness 
* anger 
* depression 
* weight loss
* past issues that affecting future 

Individual hypnotherapy 

Best practices and current guidelines working with domestic abuse 

Clinical supervision either 1 on 1 or group supervision 

Wellbeing session either 1 on 1 or group sessions

Working with Max Chadwick

Couples sessions to stay together safely or to find away to move forward 

Prices available on request please make inquiries via our contact us page .  All inquires are treated with confidentiality.

Tammi is a member of 

Tammi is also an accredited practitioner of sensitive and complex cases

Tammi is also a recognised tutor with accreditation from The College Of Teachers

Mental Health Awareness

Our New Online Wellbeing and Mental Health Units are now available 


Mental Health & Wellbeing Awareness for Front Line Support Professionals £25


Understanding Mental Health & Wellbeing Awareness for Front Line Support £55


Contact us for details







Blueprint offers 2 programmes for professionals wishing to work with or work more effectively with men or women, who are living with, or have lived with, abuse from their partner.  You may be a professional who works with families, you may be working in a supportive role with an individual within a family and want to develop more awareness on how to engage men or women  to address their own personal issues. 


Blueprint also offers 2 programmes for individual men and women who want to become more aware of their situation and develop tools and techniques to help themselves and move on if they wish to after living with abuse from current or past partner.


These programmes can be used together in a supported environment between a professional and an individual if they wish to do so, to support each other and encourage open communication and learning from both sides on impact on living with abuse and how professionals can support you in your choices and become more aware of what help and support is available.


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