Max Chadwick

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Kicked Out Kids

Kicked Out Kids follows the stories of four young people whose relationships with their parents have become so bad that they risk being kicked out for good. Enter the mediators, intent on helping these families resolve their problems before it is too late.

Charlotte, 16, was kicked out by her dad after she threw a party which turned out to be the final straw.

Tyler, 14, was taken away by social services at his mum's request. She insists she will do it again if his behaviour does not change.

Sisters Viviana, 15, and Stephanie, 14, cannot go a day without a fight, and risk being taken into foster care.

The mediators step in to unearth what the real issues are beneath petty squabbles over housework and manners, and restore harmony between teenagers and their parents. But will their efforts come in time to keep these young families together?

Max is a recognised tutor with accreditation from The College Of Teachers.

Mental Health Awareness

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Blueprint offers 2 programmes for professionals wishing to work with or work more effectively with men or women, who are living with, or have lived with, abuse from their partner.  You may be a professional who works with families, you may be working in a supportive role with an individual within a family and want to develop more awareness on how to engage men or women  to address their own personal issues. 


Blueprint also offers 2 programmes for individual men and women who want to become more aware of their situation and develop tools and techniques to help themselves and move on if they wish to after living with abuse from current or past partner.


These programmes can be used together in a supported environment between a professional and an individual if they wish to do so, to support each other and encourage open communication and learning from both sides on impact on living with abuse and how professionals can support you in your choices and become more aware of what help and support is available.


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